Museums layoffs due to uncontrolled Covid-19 Pandemic in the United States

This list is merely a drop in the bucket of the economic damage being done to US Museums by this out -of-control pandemic in the US.  These layoffs represent friends and colleagues who have suddenly lost the ability to put food on the table, to pay rent, to put shoes on their children's feet.....and this is just the beginning.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Lays Off 85 Employees (Hyperallergic)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Which Has Shed 20 Percent of Its Staff Since March (Art News)


In the Past Month Alone, 17 American Museums Have Cut Almost 1,500 Jobs (Art News)


Art Institute Lays off 8% of staff due to Covid-19 Pandemic (Chicago Tribune)

Natural History Museum Slashing Staff With 450 Layoffs and Furloughs (NY Times)


After Months of Closure, the MFA Boston Is the Latest Museum to Resort to Layoffs, Downsizing by 15 Percent (ArtNet)


Tenement Museum Lays Off 76 Workers, Including Entire Staff of Part-time Educators. The group of 71 educators constitutes 92% of the museum’s education staff. (Hyperallergic)

Winterthur cuts jobs as museum reopens after 4-month shutdown (Delaware Online)


SFMOMA Lays Off an Additional 55 Staff Members as Museums Prepare for a Reckoning Heading Into a New Fiscal Year (ArtNet)


Brooklyn Museum Lays Off 29 Workers; New Museum Lays Off 18 (Hyperallergic)


Minnesota Institute of Art, Walker cut salaries, reduce staff (SW Journal)


Field Museum 71 positions have been eliminated, and an additional 56 employees have been furloughed. (Field Museum)


Chicago’s Children’s Museum laid off 74 of 100 employees, furloughing an additional six workers. (Chicago Tribune via ArtNet)


The Cleveland Museum of Natural History laid off 26 employees, or 10 percent of the staff. ( via ArtNet)


The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, laid off 45 employees, or 44 percent of staff, after a $1 million PPP loan ran out. (Santa Fe Reporter via ArtNet)


The Seattle Art Museum furloughed or reduced hours for 76 employees. (Seattle Times via ArtNet)


The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, laid off 33 people effective July 1, all visitor-facing staff. Executive director Mary Ceruti is taking a 20 percent pay cut, with 10 percent pay decreases for other senior leadership. (Minnesota Post via ArtNet)


The Philadelphia Museum of Art announced plans to eliminate more than 100 of its 481 jobs, or more than 20 percent of its staff. (The Philadelphia Inquirer via ArtNet)







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