Paintings by Katherine Bradford

The details are teasers, the clarity and brutishness of Bradfords brushstrokes get better with each show. She achieves so much with seemingly so little. The title of the show was "Motherhood". Jacob Patrick Brooks reviewed the show for Two Coats of Paint and equates Bradfords  willingness to show the struggle of making a painting with a generosity, similar to the generosity depicted in many of the paintings. Brooks writes 

What sets this show apart is that the people it depicts aren’t only awkward and funny, but also frail and unsure. Some are carried, while others appear to be consoling one another, clutching anyone close for support. Everyone seems humbled, as if there’s no longer any reason to gather around a bonfire or go for a swim.

Katherine Bradford, Fever, 2021, Acrylic on Canvas

detail: Katherine Bradford, Fever

detail: Katherine Bradford, Fever

Katherine Bradford, Motherhood, 2021

detail: Katherine Bradford, Motherhood


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